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Sharing the Care of Your Best Friends

At The Riverside Vet we offer a comprehensive range of medical and surgical services, for the best possible investigation, diagnosis and treatment of your pets. We also provide for all of your pet's routine health needs with services such as vaccinations, microchips and desexing. We offer services not only for dogs and cats, but also birds, rabbits, ferrets, rodents and any other companion animal.

Some of our services include:
  • Vaccinations for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets – for the prevention of potentially fatal viral and bacterial diseases. Importantly, Dr. Putt also conducts a full health check on each visit.
  • Worming, and flea control.
  • Diagnostic services including skin scrapes for parasites and x-rays. All our blood tests & other pathology are sent to a specialist lab in Victoria.
  • Microchip implants including nationwide registration for rapid identification if your pet is lost or injured.
  • Dental services including examination, cleaning, scaling, and extractions. Dental disease is very common in our pets. We offer dental examinations and advice on home dental care to keep your pet's teeth clean & healthy. We are fully equipped with the latest ultrasonic scaler to provide the best possible dental services for your pet.
  • Management of all medical problems including skin diseases, allergies , ear infections , gastrointestinal problems (vomiting and diarrhoea), endocrine disorders (eg. diabetes, adrenal and thyroid disorders)
  • All surgical services including routine procedures such as desexing, as well as a full range of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. More complex surgery such as spinal is referred to specialist surgeons.
  • Behavioural advice on a variety of problems including biting, aggression, barking, fears and phobias, destructive behaviour, urine marking and house-training.
  • Referral to specialists in veterinary medicine and surgery, including dermatologists, radiologists, ophthalmologists. We have access to some of Australia's top specialists & will offer referral when it will provide the optimal treatment for your pet. animal behaviourists and others. We work with some of Australia's top specialists in both private and university hospitals, offering referral where appropriate for the best possible specialist treatment.
  • Continuing education & training ensures that all our staff are up-to-date on the latest and best advice on all aspects of pet care.
  • Emergency Services are available 24 hours a day. Although we work on an appointment system, emergencies are always given priority and Dr. Putt is generally contactable 24 hours a day for genuine emergencies.
  • House Call or Patient Pick-Up with prior arrangement, Dr. Putt is available for house-calls where needed, or our nurse can pick-up your pet from your home, bring them back to the clinic for veterinary examination & treatment, and then return them to your home.
  • Client Education is a very important aspect of our service. After all, it is ultimately you, the pet's owner that provides for the health care needs of your pet. We do this both verbally in our consultations and over the phone, via handouts, as well as via this web-site.
  • Care of Native Birds and Wildlife, we provide emergency treatment for all wildlife free of charge. We have a list of registered carers that we then refer the wildlife to for care, rehabilitation and ultimately release.

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